10 Trendy, Stylish Women's Hairstyles You Should Consider

10 Trendy, Stylish Women's Hairstyles You Should Consider

10 Trendy, Stylish Hairstyles for Women You Should Consider

Women's fashion and hairstyles change like the weather, so you've always got to keep your look updated. Here are 10 of the most trendy hairstyles for women in 2018.

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We live in an experience economy. That means most of us value creating experiences over collecting things.

Experts suggest splurging on events or experiences to become happier. There's never been a better time to have the satisfaction of expert hair styling.

But when it comes to updating your style, many women aren't sure where to start. Hairstyles for women change so often it can be intimidating.

Don't wait to be happy! As Judy Garland once said, "Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

We can help you get there! Here are some of the best women's hairstyle trends of 2018.

Choose one of these and you'll be taking a great start on a happier you:

1. Bring Back Brigitte Bardot

All of us know the best styles are often callbacks to vintage looks. The same is true for the straight bangs and sleek look that Allison Williams ushered in with her Brigitte Bardot update.

While we also love the layered, feathered bangs look, this style is simple and elegant. It takes vintage 60's and 70's hairstyles and makes them contemporary and sexy.

With a few small changes, you can update your look this dramatically as well. The best hairstylists will help you make the change.

2. Straight Bob

This medium-length is versatile. It can look ultra-professional and elegant for your next business meeting.

But when it's time for after-work drinks, the straight bob is fun and festive too!

We like a straight bob with an asymmetrical cut. Then you can combine the style with a deep part and straighten the ends.

3. Shaggy Pixie Cut

Pixie cut hairstyles are synonymous with fun! What could be more fun and free-spirited than becoming a pixie with your next hairstyle?

Pairing a shaggy pixie cut with a fun new hair color will bring the look together. Katy Perry chose to go a brighter shade of platinum blonde for an intense, sexy makeover.

4. Feathered Bangs

If the words "feathered" and "bangs" give you bad flashback from the 80s, it's time to give the decade of excess another look. Feathered bangs are making a serious comeback with the help of famous actresses.

Chrissy Teigen is one celeb who looks fantastic with the style. Feathered bangs feature graduated layers to frame your face as well.

This hairstyle creates a trendy look that calls on the past.

5. A Lob

If you remember the look of bobbed hair from the Roaring 20s, the fashion is making a comeback.

A lob, or a longer bob, is another great style to frame the face. Pair the style with some signature bangs, and it's an easy summer style as well.

You can look fantastic without huge upkeep.

6. Make It Platinum

If you think that hairstyles are getting brighter, you're right. The platinum blonde is back in style and brighter than ever!

Actresses like Katy Perry and Abigail Breslin are going lighter than ever. This platinum blonde look borders on white-hot and is striking.

We love the look when paired with bright red lipstick. It sprinkles in a little bit of 80's Madonna with vintage World War 2 torch singers.

Whether you think pixie, lob, or long is right for you, platinum can be a great color to make it dramatic.

7. A Blunt Lob

The medium length hairstyles are definitely the rage. One thing we love about this choice is all the options.

While curls or asymmetrical cuts look great on some celebs, Britney Spears has a blunt lob that rocks.

The blunt lob looks professional and clean. It's a great way to change your look with a clean cut.

8. Smooth Curls

If you have long suffered from frizzy hair, smooth curls are the answer. The hairstyle tames your mane and brings volume.

Smooth curls are an elegant way to complete a lob or a longer hairstyle. For women with rounder faces, opting for smooth curls will frame your face beautifully.

Stars like Natalie Portman have used smooth curls for a classic look that blends new styles. It's a sexy way to update your style.

9. Curly Topknot

We love those curls! There are so many ways to make an impression with beautiful curly hair.

A slicked-back topknot can change your look entirely. Add in some wavy edges, and this style is versatile from the beach to the boardroom.

10. Tumbling Balayaged Waves

If you love your hair too much to cut it off, then don't! Keeping up with the latest women's hairstyles doesn't mean you have to go short.

You don't even have to go medium-length and try a lob style. For some women, pixie cuts and shorter hairstyles just won't do.

Don't worry. Those tumbling balayaged waves you've been considering are still the rage. This style speaks glamour and will turn heads in the office or on the red carpet.

Not all of the latest styles are short or medium-length. Dramatic looks come in long lengths as well.

Having Trouble Choosing?

The truth is, not all hairstyles are right for your face shape. There may be hairstyles that are perfect for you that you haven't even considered.

That's where the best salon & spa services come in. With expert service, you can get the support you need while choosing from the latest trends.

Pick a salon with great reviews and proven experience. Your stylist will help you find something that is great for you.

The Best Salon and Spa for All Hairstyles for Women

No matter which hairstyles you think are best for you, Jon Tomas Salon & Spa can help you stay beautiful. We have been helping women and men in the St. Louis area live a more confident and beautiful life since 1959.

Our team of professionals believes everyone is beautiful. We enjoy celebrating it every day with our clients and community.

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