8 Tips to Find a Hair Stylist You Love

8 Tips to Find a Hair Stylist You Love

8 Tips to Find a Hair Stylist You Love

Trying to find a hair stylist is a struggle, and you want a professional you can stick with for a long time. Try these tips for choosing a great stylist.

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We have all experienced that one hair stylish who severely butchered our hair.

Whether it was a bad dye job or a nightmare of a cut, we all know that horrid feeling when we look in the mirror after our hair session.

So why did you visit a terrible stylist? Is it because you blindly walked into the nearest salon? Or went to the cheapest stylist? We've been there too.

If you want to find a stylist who will do your hair right every time, finding the right stylist requires some research.

But don't worry -- there are tricks to help you along the way. Here are 8 tricks to find a hair stylist.

1. Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools for a reason. You'll gain feedback from those you trust most -- your friends and family. But you can even gain a good referral from someone you don't know.

Why? You can see their hair and you know their stylist does a good job.

If you're a bold person, you can even approach someone with an amazing hairstyle and ask who their hairstylist is. You never know -- maybe that stranger with awesome hair is a hair stylist.

2. Look Through Social Media

It's easier to find an awesome hair stylist now than it ever was. Why? Because of the prevalence of social media. You can search salons near you and read their reviews.

Salons even post pictures of their client's hair on their social media channels.

Before your appointment, you can follow the salon or even the stylists on social media. Stylists use social media platforms such as Instagram to promote their services. They will post pictures of their clients and their hairstyles.

Social media is not only a place to read reviews, see a stylist's work and connect with them. You can gauge their hair styling skills and see if this stylist is right for you.

For example, if you're looking for bright purple hair dye, you probably won't go to a stylist who only posts clients with wedding up-dos.

3. Find Reviews

Social media isn't the only place you can read salon reviews.

Yelp, Google Maps, and other online sources offer review pages for different salons. This is particularly helpful if you can't find salons on social media or haven't gotten any referrals from friends.

But take reviews with a grain of salt. It's normal for someone's hair dye or cut to come out a little different than what they expected, but they make it out to be a big catastrophe. Be sure to compare the good reviews from the bad.

Reviews offer more than just a general view of the salon. They pinpoint specific stylists and the reviewers may describe the exact service they got. They also cover other topics you may not think of, such as salon cleanliness and d?cor.

4. Visit Their Website

Say you found a great stylist or a salon on social media and they have great reviews across the board. You still shouldn't make an appointment before you visit their website.

A website can tell you a lot about a salon. You can see how much they care about their online presence, the general vibe or style of the salon and higher quality salons will feature additional options such as online appointment scheduling.

If you're unsure of the stylist you want, some salon websites feature a stylish page. You can see the different stylists and learn a little about them.

5. Search Your Service

Are you finding a lot of great hair stylists, but aren't finding one that fits your hair styling needs? Search it in Google. Different hair stylists specialize in different services.

To ensure you get the hairstyle you want, you should find a stylist who can do that specific service.

Let's take the bright purple hair dye as an example.

Unnatural and vivid hair colors are hard to achieve. You need to find a stylist who can work with your current hair color and your natural undertones to give you that neon purple hair you want.

The same approach should be taken for someone who wants a different service, such as an up-do for their wedding.

There are plenty of hair stylists who specialize in up-dos and wedding day hair. You can easily search and find these stylists.

6. Book a Simple Service

Now that you found a hair stylist you're considering, it's time you book an appointment. But should you go right to that neon purple hair dye? Instead, book a simple service.

A blowout, a trim, or even cutting your bangs are all simple services that any hair stylist can master.

By doing this, you're gauging their skill and their personality. Maybe that stylist is talented but maybe they're mean or you don't like the salon.

7. Find Your Favorite Product

Have you ever searched for your favorite salon-quality hair product and the product's website has a feature called "find a salon near you?"

This is another great way to find a stylist you'll love -- and have a convenient way to buy your favorite hair products.

8. Trust Your Gut

This term is cliche but it's true -- trust your gut. The super chic and expensive salon might not be all it's hyped up to be. That stylist everyone raves about may not use good products or be a mean person.

If your gut says a salon is bad, your gut is probably right. But if you pass by a salon and you have a good feeling, walk in and inquire about a service.

Time to Find a Hair Stylist

Are you picky about your hair? Then it's probably difficult to find a hair stylist.

You may not find a stylist who fits your needs. You could also not be researching enough.

No two hair stylists are the same, so it takes some work to find the perfect one. It's time you stop settling for a bad hair stylist and find someone you love. Use these tips to have the most amazing hair.

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