A Comprehensive Guide to the Male Manicure

A Comprehensive Guide to the Male Manicure

A Comprehensive Guide to the Male Manicure

Men deserve to get pampered too! Read more to learn everything you need to know about getting your first male manicure of many to come!

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Back when our grandfathers used to frequent the neighborhood barbershop for a haircut and beard trim, male manicures weren't considered uncommon. In fact, it was often routine for many of the old-fashioned local barbers to offer to clip, buff, and shine your nails each time you visited their shop.

But, the first manicured males actually date back thousands of years.

Men belonging to the Ancient Babylonian civilization used kohl to color their nails. Varying shades were worn to show off one's social class.

Believe it or not, we can thank the pampered Babylonian males for giving us the world's first, and most luxurious, manicure set. They must have appreciated the value of well-groomed nails. According to Marie Claire Magazine's beauty experts, their toolset was made of solid gold.

Today, the male manicure is making a comeback. Modern-day men are learning what their ancient ancestors already knew.

Men deserve manicures, too!

The Male Manicure Makes a Comeback

While it's doubtful that there's been a time in history when men manicures were ever totally obsolete, their popularity has certainly seemed to ebb and flow over the years.

Perhaps you're among the many who have shared the perspective that manicures are largely reserved for females, at least in today's society. But, more and more men are deciding that they don't want to miss out on indulging themselves with a little nail care!

After all, why should ladies be the only ones who get to enjoy mani-pedi bliss?

If you're a male who's never had the chance to experience all that a nail salon has to offer, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Our guide to the perfect manicure for men should help you unravel the mystery of manicures.

A Guide to the Perfect Manicure Just for Him

The logic behind getting a manicure isn't "a girl thing" at all. Neatly groomed nails make a lot of sense no matter who you are.

There are many reasons related to health and hygiene that support keeping your nails scrubbed and trimmed.

Unkempt fingernails can harbor dirt and grime, warns the Center for Disease Control. You might be amazed how much potentially dangerous bacteria can inhabit the tips of one's fingers.

A fresh manicure doesn't just feel good. It can cut down on the spread of some pretty icky infections and may prevent painful conditions from occurring, too.

This leads us to the first essential step in caring for one's nails.

1. Thoroughly Scrub Hands & Fingernails

The manicure procedure begins by soaking hands in a tub of warm, soapy water for a few minutes. If you are doing an at-home manicure, you might prefer to run your hands under a faucet. Either way works fine, but soaking them tends to feel especially relaxing.

Then, use a scrub brush to wash away any grime off of the hands' surface. Be sure to scrub the backs of hands, palms, and in between the fingers to get hands exceptionally clean.

Typically a larger brush is designed for hand scrubbing, and a smaller brush is used to scrub the nails themselves.

Don't skimp when it comes to scrubbing the fingernails. Scrub each nail completely from corner to corner. Include the nailbeds and underneath the nail, as well. These areas are prone to collecting dirt and bacteria.

2. Trim Nails to a Short, Comfortable Length

Using a fingernail clipper, cut nails in a straight line across the top. This will reduce the risk of getting an ingrown nail.

Trim nails short, but not so short that you cut into the quick. Nails should be kept at a length that feels natural and comfortable.

3. File Jagged Edges

When filing, a glass file is the best for minimizing breakages. File jagged and uneven edges to a smooth rounded shape.

4. Remove Excess Skin With a Cuticle Clipper

Many times, this step is not necessary. And, you should never dig into nails or force cuticles away from the nail bed.

But, if you do have excess skin hanging around the nail's edge, then it can be clipped off with a cuticle clipper.

This can be a tricky step, which is why it's often best to leave it to the professionals! Our manicurists will take care to trim your cuticles carefully and safely.

5. Push Back Cuticles

If you have extraordinarily stubborn cuticles that have begun growing over the nail, you might want to use a cuticle softener gel prior to attempting this step.

Using a wooden or metal cuticle tool, gently push cuticles back from the nail's surface. Again, if this step is not needed, it can be skipped over completely.

6. Massage Hands & Nails With Lotion

No manicure is complete without applying a rich lotion to hydrate, heal and protect your hands.

This step tends to be one of the most loved, especially when receiving a professional manicure. An expert will usually spend a few extra minutes massaging the hands, which is always an extra special treat simply because it feels decadent. But massage can also alleviate stress and tension, and aid healthy circulation, too.

Additional Manicure Tips to Consider

You might also choose to apply a clear, protective top coat to the nails' surface. However, some men prefer to skip nail polish altogether.

Finally, make sure that any tools are fully sanitized prior to use. Although it's uncommon, there have been instances when this vital step was overlooked, even when receiving a professional service. At Jon Tomas Salon, we pride ourselves in providing a sanitary and professional pampering experience.

Ready to Experience a Manicure for Yourself?

By now you should know a male manicure is nothing to be afraid of and really should be done, either by yourself or someone else, to maintain healthy hygiene.

But, the best way to learn about a manicure for men is to experience one for yourself.

Book an appointment now to indulge tired hands and neglected nails with a relaxing manicure!

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