Should You Dye Your Hair At Home?

Should You Dye Your Hair At Home?

Should You Dye Your Hair At Home or See a Professional?

Upon deciding to change your hair color, you have two routes to take: dye your hair yourself or go see a professional. But which route is best? Click here to find out.

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Have you been thinking about changing the color of your hair?

You can dye your hair and make it just about any color you want. Whether you want to go with a bright color that will make you stand out in a crowd or something more subtle that will accentuate your best features, the choice is yours.

The choice will also be yours when it comes to deciding whether you'll color your hair on your own or seek the services of a professional. You can opt to do it yourself and save a few bucks or pay someone to do it for you and save yourself the hassle.

Dyeing your hair on your own might sound tempting. But you should think twice before you actually attempt to do it.

Here are a few reasons why seeing a professional is typically a better option for you.

A Professional Will Dye Your Hair the Exact Color You Want

If you choose to dye your hair in the comfort of your own home, there's a chance--a good chance, really--that you're going to end up with hair that's a different color than what you were expecting.

More often than not, people buy a box of hair dye and expect it to turn their hair the same color as the color on the front of the box. But it's important to remember that that particular color was probably put into a model's hair by a professional.

You're not going to be able to achieve the same color in most cases. In fact, your hair color could look completely different than what's pictured on the box.

This won't be an issue when you have a professional color your hair. They will work hard to deliver the color you want and will make sure you're satisfied with it in the end.

They'll Use Top-of-the-Line Hair Coloring Products

Another problem people often face when dyeing their hair is that they don't know which dye would be best for them.

When you're standing in front of a stack of hair coloring products at a pharmacy or hair care store, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Many people tend to base their final decision on price (they're trying to save money, not spend it, right?) and that's obviously not the best way to make a decision.

A professional will only use top-of-the-line products in your hair when changing the color of it. This will ensure that your hair will look great when it's done. And more importantly, it'll ensure that the color stays put for an extended period of time.

They'll Avoid Damaging Your Hair While Dyeing It

If you decide to color your hair on your own, know that you could potentially be putting your hair at risk of sustaining damage.

You can dry your hair and your scalp out if you don't apply dye to it properly. That could lead to problems over time and could leave your hair looking dull and lifeless, even if the color sticks. Your scalp can also get itchy and inflamed.

Professionals know how to color hair without damaging a client's hair and scalp. They take the right steps to avoid damage at all costs and will leave your hair looking fuller and healthier than when you dyed it.

They'll Help You Steer Clear of Making a Huge Mess in Your Home

One of the worst parts about coloring your hair in your home is the big mess that it can leave behind.

At best, you'll probably have a messy sink to clean up once you're done. And at worst, you can get dye on your clothing, your furniture, your carpeting, your walls, and so much more.

It can be a real pain to clean up. It could also cost you money if you do any damage to things in your home. That will eat into the savings you would enjoy by coloring your hair yourself.

They'll Tell You How to Maintain Your Hair Properly

Even if you're able to color your hair successfully and you absolutely love the way it looks, do you know how to maintain it to keep it looking its best?

A professional can speak with you about how to wash and conditioner your hair when it has dye in it. They can also give you other pointers as far as what you can and can't do with dyed hair.

These pointers will make your color last longer and prevent you from having to go about dyeing your hair again for a while.

They'll Touch Up Your Hair in the Future as Your Color Fades

No matter how good of a job a professional does while dyeing your hair, the color is not going to last forever. You will need to either color it again or change the color in the future to keep your appearances up.

If you decide to color your hair again on your own, it could be a lot trickier to get the job done. A professional can either touch up your hair or handle dyeing your hair again for you so that your hair isn't a bunch of different colors at once.

The professional will also enjoy the added advantage of having already colored your hair in the past. They'll be familiar with working with your hair and will be able to do a great job on it.

By building up a relationship with a professional, you'll be able to do all sorts of things to your hair in the future. From colors to cuts, you can get your hair looking just the way you want every time you visit your salon.

Contact a Professional the Next Time You Want to Color Your Hair

It can certainly be tempting to pick up that box of drugstore hair dye and tackle the job yourself. But you might not love the results, and may also be forced to visit a professional anyway to have your hair redone. That could cost you more money than it would have if you had just gone to a professional from the beginning.

Looking to make a change to your hair color? Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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