IBE Hair Extensions


Jon Tomas Salon is officially certified to provide Invisible Bead Extensions! Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE) is a new, patent pending method that implements a hybrid of technology for hair extensions. It is the most requested and the most original method now available in the industry.

Why Invisible Bead™ Extensions

  • IBE removes the risk of damage done to our client’s hair and scalp from significant tension and over direction.
  • IBE eliminates any discomfort our clients may experience from beads contacting their scalp or from the old ‘clamp and crank’ approach to hair extensions.
  • IBE increases the versatility and styling options available for our clients.
  • And, for those who like to wear their hair up, IBE reduces the number of beads, bonds, and braids that are exposed.

Certified IBE Hair Extension Experts

Rosalyn at Jon Tomas Salon is uniquely certified to implement Invisible Bead Extensions in St. Louis. The IBE training process takes stylists from the basics to complete mastery.

Get IBE at Jon Tomas Salon

Over 30,000 people are now requesting Invisible Bead™ Extensions across the United States every month. Jon Tomas Salon is excited to officially become IBE certified stylits in St. Louis. Call 314-469-6654 to setup your free Invisible Bead Extensions consultation!