New Years Eve Hairstyles

New Years Eve Hairstyles

Goodbye 2020!  It is time to celebrate the New Year, even if you typically do not celebrate New Year’s.  You may be celebrating from the comfort of your own home, or with close family.  

Just because you are not having a big party does not mean you can’t still have beautiful hair and makeup.  Afterall, getting ready is always the best part of the night!  We have the inspiration for you glam night.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to pull out those rhinestone barrettes, or pin studded choker necklace for a custom hairpiece.  Or you could use that stand of rhinestones to highlight your hair part to liven up a ponytail hairstyle. And a trick to get it to stick without using a ton of hairpins is with a thin line of hair glue.

If you have long curly hair, the bigger and bouncier the curl, the better.  If you are feeling nostalgic, pull back your hair and put matching barrettes on both sides for a 70’s inspired look. The placement of the barrettes can change the whole vibe.  Instead of wearing them close to the part, slide them down and tuck them behind your ears for a more modern look.

A braided hairstyle is always a good idea for New Years.  Complete the look with bright red lips.  You can take some rhinestones and hair glue them sporadically around your head for a sparkle effect.

If you've already got braids and want a way to style them for a special occasion, take three braids and braid them together into one.  The effect will be show stopping.

If you can’t decide between a pinned down hairstyle versus a loose and airy look, do both.  Start with loose curls and then decorate with hair pins around the face to press down the hair.

Face framing was a hot trend this year, so why not celebrate the new year with the hairstyle.

Whatever your style, let’s say goodbye to 2020 and hello to a new year. 

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