How to Deal with Frizziness

How to Deal with Frizziness

Hair In Humidity: How to Deal with Frizziness

Summer might be your favorite time of the year, but it definitely isn't your hair's. If your hair in humidity means uncontrollable frizziness, check out this handy guide to handle humid hair.

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It is defeating to spend time and money on your hair . . . only to walk outside and lose everything you worked on when your hair hits the humidity.

Whether you live in a humid climate, you're traveling to a humid place, or you need cooperation from your hair for a special event, hair and humidity don't mix well.

How do you achieve your best hair in humidity?

Keep reading to learn how to deal with frizziness in your life.

Products Matter

If frizz is a perpetual problem, it's time for an investment in the right anti-humidity hair products.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Start at the beginning: use shampoos and conditioners designed to reduce the amount of frizz in your hair.

Humidity affects your hair when your hair soaks up the moisture in the air. To reduce the amount of moisture your hair absorbs after styling, give it plenty of moisture in the shower.

But be careful about adding weight to your hair. Use a lightweight formula of moisturizing shampoo or conditioner to give your hair the hydration it needs before it meets the humid air.


You've given your hair a hydrating foundation. While it's still damp, keep that theme going.

Apply a smoothing serum to help control flyaways and frizz. Depending on the texture of your hair, you'll cover your full head of hair with the serum, or only the roots or ends for best results.


The finishing touch is a final layer of humidity-fighting moisture and hold to keep the outdoors from ruining your hard work.

Choose an anti-frizz finishing spray or hairspray. A finer mist spray is best. And be sure it's an aerosol.

Also, make sure your hair is completely dry and styled before applying the final spray.

Deep Moisture

The ultimate pre-emptive strike against the effects of humidity is a deep conditioning hair mask. This takes some time to apply, let sit, then rinse out after your shampoo.

But the result is long-lasting moisture and smoother hair.

Style with the Right Tools

There are too many brushes, flat irons, and curling wands to choose from. How do you know what's best to tame humidity hair?

Ion It

"Ions" is the latest buzzword. Different hair dryers boast different ion options. Yet we see conflicting information about how ions work best for your hair.

Keep it simple. It might not matter which hair dryer you use, or how much money you spend on the "best" hairdryer.

Just remember this: you want more ions for thicker hair while fewer ions work best for normal and fine hair.

Brush It

Not all brushes brush alike. The wrong brush works against your other frizz-fighting efforts.

Boar bristle brushes work well for smoothing hair. These brushes help dry your hair, add smoothness, and promote shine.

You can even find cruelty-free and synthetic boar hair brushes that work well.

Flatten It

The big question for flat irons is titanium vs. ceramic. Which is better for coarse, frizzy hair?

In general, titanium is the best to tame humid hair if you have thick, coarse hair. You're safe with ceramic on thinner hair.

Titanium heats faster and transfers heat better. These properties work best against stubborn, frizzy hair.

Titanium is also more durable. It will survive those intense humidity fights with your hair while you get ready for work in the morning.

Don't Fight the Curl

No time to straighten the frizz? Go with the curl.

Naturally-curly hair doesn't have to be frizzy when humidity is in the air.

Too much heat or excessive styling damages your hair. Damaged hair becomes frizzier.

Try letting your hair air dry after washing it with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Or add a diffuser to your hair dryer for a more relaxed dry style.

All About the Style

Sometimes, the right style is all you need for taming fizzy humidity hair.

A shorter style or fewer layers helps cut down on the frizz.

Feeling really brave? Go super short with a pixie. No hair means no frizz!

Not that brave? Try enhancing your curls with more volume. Think of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex In the City and accent your curls as a positive.

Or go for a wavy, textured bob. These cuts are low-maintenance and almost always on-trend. Whether wearing it straight or letting the humidity play with it, textured bobs work.

Consider a color change. Sometimes a new color distracts from frizz. Go bright red or light blonde.

Not sure where to start? Find some favorite styles from Pinterest and work with your stylist.

Bonus Tricks

No time for hair masks or multiple shampoo and conditioning steps? Try these completely acceptable humidity hair hacks.

  • Braid your hair and sleep on it. Friction contributes to frizz. Braided hair moves less while you toss and turn at night.
  • Ponytail your frizz away. A high or side ponytail is on trend these days. If the fight isn't worth it, pull your hair into a fashionable ponytail and rock the day.
  • Seek professional help. If the struggle is real, make an investment in regular blow dry styles. These last for days and you're pampered while someone else washes, blow dries, and styles your hair.

Help for Hair in Humidity

We don't have to let the frizz win! There is help for your hair in humidity.

Whether it's a daily struggle or you want your wedding day to be perfect and frizz-free, using the right products, techniques, and tools helps tame frizzy hair caused by humidity.

Need help knowing where to start? Our stylists are here with advice and recommendations on the best style and products for you. And we don't stop with just your hair.

We offer full body beauty solutions through our Spa Services. Our warm atmosphere and friendly professionals take care of you while waxing or doing your makeup and nails.

Click here to book an appointment. Ask about our New Client and other specials when you book. We look forward to serving you!

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